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Put this shit in boxes – all this shit, somebody get over here help me put this shit in boxes   Let me see – there’s a box One for craft. Oh, two? Three then. Are you sure? No, don’t answer. Just put it away put it all away.   And those photos – here, here are the shoe boxes I don’t care about order no really Just get the in a box Just write – I dunno “photos, 21 st century” Oh really? Ok, twentieth then,   What are all these… these bits bits of shit? What do I do with those? Drawers and bowls of bits of shit hair clips with fairy stars a necklace with mismatched beads threaded by small fingers five allen keys 800 bobby pins 3 pawpaw ointments a candle making kit from Aunty Irene circa 1998 Just… put it in a box All of it, yes, one box label it “bits of shit” Ok, “small stuff” or “things that are too small for the agony of decisions” or “things I sometimes wish would get lost in a fire”   And this box, here