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(S)mothering Sunday

I've seen lots of posts about Mother's Day this week, and I wondered how to reconcile all of them. One post was a beautiful tribute to women who feel pain because they are not mothers. Underneath was a comment in solidarity from a friend, and I realised that this friend - who was hanging out with me and the kids just the other day - is childless and just went through a divorce. While I was batting away my children so I could have an adult conversation, she was possibly feeling a hole in her life. My heart jumped into my throat for her. Another post was from a mother who is right on the edge. She's wondering what she did wrong to have a sleepless baby, she's wondering whether she will ever sleep properly again, or if she'll ever stop having destructive thoughts about her life. This too shall pass, she reminds herself, the one thought that is tethering her to sanity. I have teenagers now, and I had them young - I was a mum before 30, and sometimes I grieve